Zombieville USA is spreading like a virus

Sep 18, 2009

Game players with a soft spot for zombie slaying need look no further than Zombieville USA to put their apocalypse skills to test.

The game’s design looks like it jumped straight out of the Sunday comics, though its 2D gameplay is more like a throwback to coin-operated arcades with its brilliant simplicity.

You begin in the middle of a zombie-infested town with only a gun and baseball bat for protection. New zombies spawn from the ground as fast as you can kill them and swarm like a school of famished piranhas.

But the resulting gore is too absurd to gross you out. Instead, you can’t quite tell if the app is poking fun at zombie lovers or wooing them.

That’s the strength of this app and the success of zombie-spoof films like “Shawn of the Dead.” Zombieville successfully embraces and transcends zombie culture without neglecting the fundamentals of George Romero’s original “Night of the Living Dead” vision.

Your only hope of survival is to kill the buggers and then dig through their pockets for money to buy better weapons like shotguns, a sledge hammer and a Samurai sword—who exactly you are buying this from is unclear, though he knows how to drive a hard bargain.

What is a steal is how app only costs $0.99 and offers an endless supply of levels—even though each one looks exactly the same—that last as long as you can prevent yourself from becoming the living lunch.

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Steven Yaccino

Steven Yaccino has written for Esquire and U.S.News & World Report, among other magazines. He is currently freelancing in Chicago.

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