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May 31, 2010

I’m not sure if these games will make me smarter, but they sure do make me calmer and they usually come with good music!

Zentomino Free – Relaxing alternative to tangram puzzles

I’m not sure if these are truly ancient puzzles and shapes, but I love this game and especially the music.

They give you a series of shapes that you have to fit into a larger shape, therefore completing a puzzle. The settings you choose can make it easier or harder and you can also tap the screen twice for hin


TanZen Free – Relaxing tangram puzzles

This game is very similar to Zentomino Le and I think they are made by the same developer. Tan Zen gives you the ability to freely rotate and place the shapes within the puzzle to fit more complicated angles. Both games are worth playing and downloading.


Enso•Dot Zen

Connect the dots in the prescribed pattern using one straight line. Simple, but not always easy.


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