Zen Apps – Spazz Less With These Apps!

Dec 31, 2010

I hear stress is a terrible thing. I stay away, and I’m always calm. Not everybody is a cool as a cucumber as I am. These apps will help you achieve inner zen and calm during stressful times. Holy cramoly! It’s 2:00! I have so much to do for the party tonight! It’s New Year’s! I have no food! *hyperventilates*

Meditator – Meditation Timer

Meditating is key to collecting yourself and putting things in proper perspective. This app has come to be my go – to app while meditating. How annoying is it to keep checking to see if 15 minutes is up and in my case hear sirens and honking outside my window. This app gives me ambiance noise and lovely chimes.


Stay Happy

This app gives you material to meditate over and guides your thoughts to a happier and calmer place. Even the graphics are calming with pretty colors flowing into each other. A good app for meditating, especially if you don’t know what to concentrate on.


iZen Garden 2 – Portable Zen Garden

This brings the soothing zen garden to your phone so you can find your center anywhere you are. Beautifully rendered, this is a great app to lose yourself in.


Stress Free with Deepak Chopra

This brings a 6 week course with Deepak Chopra to your phone. If you dont have the time to take a class or go to Yoga, this is a great way for to have a somewhat interactive experience on your journey to enlightenment or you know not stressing out over grocery shopping!


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