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Jan 9, 2017

As video becomes the primary form of media content on the internet, many tools have been developed in order to make editing videos more personalized to obtain high quality. While these tools are most commonly associated with desktop applications, the limiting nature of having to upload the content to the computer, editing the video, and then uploading all of this to the internet can be extremely time consuming. Streamlining these processes to make it substantially quicker, mobile apps have been developed in order to make it easy to do all of the tasks right from a single app. YouStar, for example, offers a  video editing tool capable of delivering a unique aesthetic to videos right from the device without the need to transfer anything to a computer. Recognized as a tool for merging creativity, technology, and liberal arts, the app is able to deliver the dynamics of special effects to every user.

Although the most common misconception about video editing is that it is restricted to professionals who have a lot of technical abilities, YouStar eliminates this notion through creating an extremely simple-to-use app. Basic functionalities that video editors are able to use within the app include the ability to arrange movie clips, import extra footage, and also play around with the available video effects which are quite numerous. The vastness of the number of effects gives users the opportunity to join clips with neat transitions, make frame-by-frame edits, and add soundtracks and titles, features that other apps lack in. Furthermore, a seamless process is created as users are able to export the video straight from the app to various social media networks once it is ready.

Bringing the power of desktop video editing abilities to mobile devices, YouStar makes the process of editing videos inexpensive and accessible to anyone with an iOS device regardless of their prior editing experience. Even without a video clip, a slideshow video can be created using a series of imported photographs with a series of transitions and music to resemble professional quality revisions. Although YouStar holds many editing features, these functionalities are not highly unique and can be found in competing apps such as Kinemaster which has features that include voice recording and layers. What differentiates YouStar, however, is that the app is extremely easy to use so that even those with a minimal amount of video editing skills are able to utilize the app with ease. This is evident when compared to more complicated apps which contain complicated processes and terminology that can be difficult to understand.

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As an app that is completely free for those who wish to edit videos straight from their iOS devices, YouStar makes it simple to revise a range of video content. Without any prior knowledge on video editing required, users can quickly create music videos, short films, or narrative stories and then share it to social media sources right from the app. Furthermore, in-app features can be purchased to unlock premium effects that are not available without the subscription to add even more functionalities to the app.

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