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Feb 13, 2012

One of the best parts of the iPhone is that it can also be your personal music player. While it’s obvious you can listen to radio stations on your phone you can also create your own. Here’s some of the best apps out there to do just that.

Pandora – Free Music & Radio

I love Pandora. I love that my weird, eclectic taste can be made into a playlist that fits my mood. I love that I can listed to one artist almost exclusively if I want to. And I love that I can do all of this on my phone.

Granted, the fact that multitasking isn’t available yet (but soon, very soon) makes this app a little less worthwhile than it could be. That said, I use it at the gym or when I’m not really messing around with my phone so it’s not a huge deal. It still would be nice to be able to text someone or check emails.

The app works just like the website from what I’ve seen so if you like Pandora you’ll want this app. And if you have weird music tastes then this app is a must.


Spotify Music

It’s absolutely awesome… if you pay for it. Then you can listen to entire albums and almost anything else you could want. Unpaid? Don’t see that it’s better than Pandora.


Mix On

Maybe you’d like your radio to be more… well, like radio. This app will interject news of your choice into your favorite songs so you’re listening and learning at the same time. There’s a number of news sources to choose from and the music comes from your phone so it’s going to be what you like. If you’d like to be informed with your music listening this app is the choice.

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Slacker Radio

This app is just like Pandora but with (apparently) 4 times the music. Not sure how that’s possible since Pandora has a TON of music but if it’s actually true you may well find that obscure artist you love.

Across the board people like Slacker even better than Pandora. Mostly it seems both to me and to them that this app finds things you like quicker than Pandora.

One way or the other, with Pandora eventually not allowing you to fast forward through things you hate and sometimes closing you up if you spend too much time there having this app to help you get to your music is well worth it for your phone.


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