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Mar 30, 2010

I help run a marketing business and have my own blog which focuses on the impact of iPhones and other smartphones. I use these apps to keep tabs on the success of my blog.

Analytics Pro

Gives me great up to date and historical stats on my blog’s visitors, top rated content and graphs. Easy to use.


Adsense Check

How much money are you making through your Google ads? Ad Check will tell you. Warning: in my experience, all these google adsense apps are equally slow. Anyone should work for you.


iBusiness Stats

If like me you make money by selling ‘affiliate’ products, this is one of my favorite apps for staying updated on your earnings from some of the most popular affiliate networks (e.g.



I’m still searching for that one great app that will give me real-time (ish) on what keywords/phrases on my site are doing the best. Serps does a decent job of telling me which of my keywords have made it onto the top 100 of Google’s results.


SEO Automatic

For my site and especially those sites I help construct, I use the SEO Automatic app as a quick, handy way of making sure that everything on the site is optimized for search engine rankings.


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