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Aug 16, 2010

I’ve found that it’s a great idea to have a good mix of yoga/meditation apps because they all offer a little something different. This is the list of my collection

Patanjali Yog Sutra

It’s a complete text of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, awesome resource.


Affirmations! Daily Self Esteem Help Solutions and Life Improvement Complete Guide: The Positive Thinking Affirmation Tips & Secrets for Key Success & Happiness

I believe in the power of positive thought, and this app provides great little one-liner affirmations for you to check out anytime you need a little positive reinforcement in your life.


The Chakra Deck – Yoga, Meditation, and Breathing Exercises

A favorite part of my own meditation practice is one that pays attention to each of the seven chakras and is committed to keeping those aligned. This app is a great resource for information about each of the seven, and also offers postures and poses to help align them.


Chakra Tuning

Another great chakra app, this one includes colors and sounds of each.



Yoga all the time, anytime – this is a great app for travelers and busy folks because it provides a calendar and practice for yogis and yoginis who can’t always make it to a studio.


CorePower Yoga

My personal favorite because it’s my studio of choice – this is a complete schedule of all of the available classes at any given studio.


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