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May 11, 2017

Internet of Things, the concept of connected devices in every segment going from fridges to cars to lights being able to be used without actually having to touch them, has been burgeoning intensely over the past couple of years and is set to be growing even more and will excess of 26 billion independent units being installed in 2020. Being able to control all your connected ‘smart’ devices at once and with ease, with for example an app or your voice, is seen as a huge part of our future, and some even call it the future. But, how are you going to control all those devices at once?

This is where Yeti will help. Yeti is an app where multiple smart devices can be controlled without having to switch between your different apps. Some of the most popular smart devices as of now are lights and music devices such as PhilipsHue lights, Sonos music accessories and WeMo smartplugs. Not entirely coincidental Yeti supports these three and many more with their app. So, let’s say you have those three appliances in your house and you want to turn on a romantic song, dim the lights and make some coffee using the Wemo smartplugs. You would have to switch through three different apps to make this happen, and even though it is more convenient than having to physically do it by hand, it can be much easier.

Yeti Smart Home – Intro

See how Yeti Smart Home can help you to automatize your home. Create routines to set alarms to turn on/off your lights when you wake up. Download Yeti Smart Home, for free: Get Yeti: iOS: Android:

With Yeti you only need one app to control multiple smart devices at once making it more effortless. Yeti is developed especially for people who want to create a home where everything is controlled automatically and connected to the internet. All you need bundled in one app and even more features to allow you to create the perfect Smarthome experience.

With just three different screens on the app Yeti is very simple and easy to use. The first page is called devices and shows you all of the devices you have connected to your WiFi network and you can control individually. With charms, only having to swipe left, Yeti makes it available to create a preset atmosphere combining multiple different devices. This can for example be used for a party where you want to have bright lighting and cheerful music. When swiping right once you get to the routines section. Routines can be set up manually to help you with certain situations through the day. For example you can make it so that every morning at 7:30am the lights turn on, a cup of coffee is made in the kitchen and you can even make your music devices play the song you’d want to wake up to. With charms and routines you can use all your smart equipment combined to make your house do what you want when you want it to.

With Yeti you only need one app to control multiple smart devices at once making it more effortless.

With such a big market Yeti can’t be the only app offering equivalent services. Some of their competitors are Yonomi, Stringify, Gideon and Muzzley with Stringify being one of the biggest in the market. When compared, the things that stand out for Yeti is the simple lay-out and usage of the app. Where the other apps do support more different brands Yeti strives to be as simplistic as possible and keeps growing their supported brands. Yeti is free to download and use for everyone with the option to get a premium subscription to profit fully from unlimited charms and routines.

Yeti is created by the start-up company Netbeast. Netbeast is located in Valencia, Spain and has been working on Yeti since the end of 2016. Before this they were in business with the smart devices they are now using for their app showing their passion for smart homes and IoT. Seeing the future in IoT they decided to switch and develop their own app which is now in their growing phase and they hope to keep improving their app.

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