YAZIO – Your All-in-One Personal Fitness Trainer

Jan 5, 2017

With so many health and fitness apps available on the App Store, finding one which is tailored to your specific needs is difficult. For instance, the fragmentation of the various features means that users who wish to track calories must download an app for that while another app would be used to track fitness activities. Furthermore, other apps would have to be downloaded in order to suggest healthy meal plans. The list continues as more functions are desired by the user where each individual app is used for only one specific task. To combine all of the various tasks together in an integrated package, YAZIO Calorie Counter, Diet & Nutrition Tracker makes the entire health process from counting calories to losing weight easier.

The combination of all of these functions makes YAZIO a highly useful application for users who wish to gain, lose, or maintain their weight. In tracking nutritional habits, the app shows a general overview of day to day caloric consumption as well as keeps track of protein, carbs, and fat intake. As it may be tedious and time consuming to track each individual food that is eaten, the app streamlines this process by integrating a built-in barcode scanner to rapidly look through several foods based on brand-name products which alleviates the need for manual input. In doing so, users are able to get an idea of the how much a particular nutrient is being consumed to determine whether to reduce or increase the intake of that food.

Furthermore, the YAZIO Calorie Counter App makes it possible for users to easily track their sporting and fitness activities, selecting from over 200+ sports available. Through this, monitoring fitness levels to stay healthy is done by selecting an activity, choosing a duration, and then adding it to the daily diary. This feature can also be used to log in weight progress. All of these metrics are stored together in order to be analyzed to provide a user with visual reports and summaries on how they are progressing towards their goal. Additionally, the user is able to analyze nutrition patterns with the YAZIO App.

Although the functionalities of the app are integrated in a highly convenient way, these functions also exist in competing apps. For example, barcode calorie counting and diet suggestions are common functions that are not new to the health category. Furthermore, manual logs of the fitness activity makes using the app somewhat repetitive as users are required to input nearly all of their exercises into the app. This is in contrast to fully integrated systems that utilize the information from hardware devices such as FitBit to automatically sync in physical activity.

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As one of the most streamlined apps aimed at improving fitness and health, YAZIO makes getting in shape safer, more efficient, and more sustainable than any single diet. From tracking calories, various nutrients, diets, and even activities, the app provides a comprehensive report on how a user is progressing towards their goal in order to serve as a personalized, all-around fitness trainer.

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