Wut up Mooselini? Slang Dictionary Apps

Oct 30, 2010

I love words, especially weird slang words. The less they make sense, the better! As I downloaded the higher ranked apps to find good slang dictionaries, I found myself disappointed that three of the four I downloaded had exactly the same Words of the Day. So this list isn’t so much a “best of” but rather a presentation of the pros and cons of these apps. Then for kicks, I threw a Yiddish slang dictionary. I’m a mensch like that.

Urban Dictionary Definitions Free

Of the three apps that use urbandictionary.com as a source this one was the best. Unfortunately the bar is set extremely low. Pros: it didn’t freeze on me or shut down and it actually showed me words of the day, their definitions and a list of slang words. Cons: However, if I wanted to know exactly what they meant, well ballyhoo for me. I tap on several words and only get “End of Definitions.” I am guessing that the source is a difficult one to make an app with because all the Urban Dictionary apps did this!


Urban Dictionary by Slango

Another glitchy Urban Dictionary App! Pros: I can see Word of the Day and its definition. Cons: absolutely nothing else works and it froze on me several times! Until these guys figure out what the problem is, stay away!


Street Lingo – Urban Dictionary

I hate being mean, even to apps, but this app is terrible! Nothing works, nothing is clear and it froze on me several times.


Yiddish Slang Dictionary and Quiz

Not using urbandictionary.com as a source made this automatically the best app on this list. This is a solid little dictionary app that will help any unlearned goy know exactly what “bubkes” means.


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