Written in the Stars! Apps for Star Gazing and Learning about the Cosmos

Nov 26, 2010

I live near the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles and a recent trip to the Planetarium invoked my interest in Astronomy. These apps are perfect for learning about outer space!

Star Rover – Stargazing and Night Sky Watching

This is an amazing app that maps out the stars as they appear above you. You can set it to show different views say from Timbuktu, but I find it more fun to find out that I’m making a wish on a star that’s a part of the Delphinus constellations which is supposed to look like a dolphin!


Cosmic Discoveries

This App by the American Museum of Natural History starts with a giant mosaic of images to make up an image of Saturn. As you zoom in you see many images of stars, astronomy buildings, astronomers, etc, etc. Once you click on one image you can find out information about it. Or you can go to the main menu and find out about different subject such as planets in the solar system or neutrino bursts. A great app for anyone interested in learning about the solar system!


Star Walk ™ – The Astronomy Guide to View Stars, Planets & Night Sky Map

This is another mini planetarium on your phone and does a very good job of letting you know exactly where the stars are in relation to your view. As you zoom in on each constellation, the important star names show up. A worthy app with great graphics!



For those more interested in Rockets, this is Nasa’s official app and gives a calendar of all their missions and the launch schedule. You can also tap on different satellites and watch a digital representation of how they were launched into space and why. Very interesting and informative!

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