Sep 24, 2011

Apps that Wow. Download them now!

Ethical Bean Coffee

Although I haven’t seen this brand of coffee in stores yet, this app is super neat. Simply, it tells you the journey of the coffee bean; where it came from, when it is harvested, the type of roast and cupping notes. This app is truly a delight for the fair trade coffee connoisseur and you can purchase coffee via the app. WOW!



This app is a step by step guide to CPR. It helps you time and measure the depth of your compressions and instructs you when to give two breaths. It also gives you the option to purchase a short CPR training course and allows you to configure emergency calls. It will even record the CPR you have performed and email the recorded data. I couldn’t be more impressed. Highly Recommend!


Dolphin Web Browser – Free Ad-Block Extension, Private Search Explorer & Internet Downloader

Super cool, gesture based, customizable, social networking browser! Yup I think all of those adjectives sum it up! Wow!


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