Worst iPad Apps of 2010

Dec 29, 2010

These apps landed on my “worst of 2010” list. These are apps I personally reviewed that either had no reviews or very few up on Appolicious at the time. I’m sure everyone has their opinions, but for me, these apps were downright bad!

Audiogalaxy Mobile

I went out to dinner and came back and Audiogalaxy Mobile was still scanning my Mac for artists to add to a list that I would eventually select from, and pull to the cloud to access later on my iPad.

I gave up. It barely ran with more than one tab open in Safari. This app isn’t worth the effort. Very confusing install process too, ended up with multiple downloads, confusing steps. Needs a lot of work before being pushed out. Online it’s marked as “beta” but really should be “alpha.”



ConceptLink sounds great, but it has a more sterile UI. I can;t seem to get it to add my concepts. I can look at others already loader into the SW. It also does not come with a tutorial. So unless they improve this, I’m going to have a hard time justifying its use after shelling out 4 bucks.


I was here!

I Was Here is a confusing mess of an app. Lots of sticky notes, cryptic messages, over half only accessible in premium version, only available on the iPhone. Why even waste the time putting this out for iPad? It’s free, but that’s about it!


Tunemark Radio

I found Tunemark Radio really annoying. Billing itself as having access to thousand of online station but no way to search genre by city or country. The meta tag descriptions are useless. Every time I hit the world button I go to a web site in Spanish but can’t change the language to get the news and info on the artist. Needs some serious work on the interface!

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Ministry of Sound – Listen live

Ministry of Sound Dance Radio Lite is a big disappointment for iPad. It’s basically the web page jammed into an app UI, serving up lots of ads, and an annoying “get the free Ministry of Sound Radio app for your iPhone” every time you select something on screen. Don’t bother!


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