World Geography Teaching Apps

Feb 13, 2011

Try out these excellent teaching tools . . .

United States of America – A Montessori Approach To Geography – LITE

This is a really neat to help you learn where all of the states are located. This app locates the states on the map and then pronounces the name of the state. Hear the state, see the state, an excellent teaching tool.


World Geography Challenge

This is an excellent app for everyone! Learn geography by dragging and dropping countries to their correct places. The map is very thorough. It includes six continents. You can also take timed quizzes and tests. Awesome for kids! Makes me wish I had an Ipad because I think playing on a larger screen would be more fun! Highly Recommend!


Flag2Map: the geography game of Europe, Canada & USA

Learn all of the countries in Europe by matching the flag to the correct place on the map. An excellent learning tool. Fun!


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