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Jan 14, 2011

When I graduated college I thought I had a pretty good vocabulary until I started working for this mad genius of a screenwriter who would throw twenty ten-dollar words at me to simply ask if it was time for lunch. I found myself constantly sneaking to my desk to look up the aforementioned words. If only I had my iPhone then!

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This is a feature filled dictionary for a free app and is a must-have for any student, writer or vocabulary conscious person. It has a pronunciation guide, clickable words within entries, word of the day and a memory bank of recently looked up words.


WordBook – English Dictionary and Thesaurus

This is a 1.99 dictionary app that I find well worth the money. This app has several words of the day, includes “offensive” words, pronunciation guide, and even a handy “crossword puzzle” helper where you enter the letters of the words you have and it produces a list of possible words! An awesome app!


Dictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus

Another solid free dictionary app where you can voice search words, save your looked up words, and learn new words with the daily featured words. Simple design makes this a great app.


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