Wordsmith: Best Word Games in the App Store!

Nov 12, 2010

As a writer, naturally, I love words and word games are the best at combating boredom while waiting because they challenge you a bit. These are my favorite go-to word games for the iPhone!


You cannot compose a word game list without Scrabble. This beautiful app brings the beloved board game to the iPhone in a very realistic manner. The latest iteration allows for many playing situations including playing on the web, playing with another iphone user over bluetooth.


Words With Friends Pro

Essentially the same as Scrabble, I had to give this app a mention because it started the brilliant concept of playing scrabble with anyone who has an iPhone.


Word Solitaire: Aurora

A beautiful word solitaire game that will have you clutching your phone for hours. The concept of the game is perfect, but I find some of the UI elements need some work. For example: The letters to choose for your Wild Card are too small and I hit the wrong letter too often and the menu layout could be better.


Word Warp

This is an oldie with even dated graphics, but it holds up against the test of time! This is a solid game to play while looking to kill time.


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