Word Games for 2013

Jan 26, 2013

You won’t find Words With Friends listed on here. This list is a hand-picked collection of new and awesome word games that don’t get the attention they deserve and that every word game nut should have on their phone.

Letter by Letter Free

Place letter tiles onto a board to create words and steal points from your opponents. The game has some interesting strategic gameplay elements.


What it Takes Free – Words and Numbers

A words and number game for iPad that blends the best of Scrabble and the TV game show, Countdown. With 3 different round types which combine words and numbers rounds into one game. One of the best to be release in 2013 so far.


Word Off

Pretty good with strategic elements. I love how there are different board types to play against your opponent.


Wordizt – (like Tetris with letters)

“Wordium” is a fast paced Tetris, scrabble, boggle combination that is super addictive!


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