Woodworking Apps

Jan 30, 2012

I always want to learn more about woodworking but never seem to make the time. Use these apps to familiarize yourself with the concept before heading into the basement or garage to get started.

Woodworking Glossary

Before you play with tools it’s good to learn the terms. Not only will this app teach you about the different tools and terms for their use but it will also help you become educated on the wood itself and other aspects of woodworking. A good solid beginning app.


Wood and Woodworking

Yet another glossary to learn the terms of wood, woodworking, tools and the like.


Woodworking Handbook

This is a great app to get you started. From setting up your work space to getting you started with projects that aren’t over your head this $3 app is a solid investment for anyone looking to get started in woodworking.


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