Women’s indispensable all-purpose applications

Apr 14, 2011

We all know that in a woman’s handbag can find everything! from unnecessary wear and tear to the most amazing things that can get us out of big trouble.
But what is inside? the same as our iphones: a bit of everything you need!


Because every single woman needs to be in control of what happens with all the people she knows! Gossip? Never!



Social, social! its the nature of women…


Skype for iPhone

Because the messages and calls we have by default with the iphone plan are never enough, we always exceed the limits, oh yea.


Angry Birds

In every iphone as in every handbag there must be some entertainment.



Perfect for those moments of waiting, boredom or to kill those awkward moments of silence “you know what I mean”



Let’s go shopping! what woman does not like to hear this?



Always thinking about what we need at home. And why not more Shopping!


Map My Fitness – GPS Workout Trainer for Fitness, Step and Activity Tracking

Exercise routines? diets? everything under control!


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