Wine Snobbery Second Edition!

Jan 22, 2011

Keep up with the latest and greatest vintage minded apps!

Corkz – Wine Reviews, Scanner, Cellar Management, Journal & Database

This pocket sommelier brings an enormous wealth of information about the wine you are sipping. From descriptions to regions, ratings and prices this beautifully designed app is the app for wine enthusiasts or noobs!


Wine Log Pro

This is another top contender in the wine apps and has the cool feature of having photographs of the wine labels as well as the standard wine information.


Snooth Wine

This App helps lead you to the wine you want by offering vintage suggestions based on your criteria and then it tells you where you can get it nearby. Not as comprehensive as wine guides, but a good app for indecisive wine drinkers!


Pocket Wine

This app takes an unusual, but enlightening approach to teaching you about the different wines. Not by type or make, but rather by description. This app made me think more about what I was tasting than about the stats of the wine!


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