White Noise

Jul 10, 2012

These are the best white noise apps I’ve found so far for relaxation, studying and sleep.

White Noise Free: sounds for sleep and relaxation

White Noise is very relaxing. It’s also very useful in noisy environments because if you turn it on and you turn it up next to you, your mind will focus on the white noise and tune out the bothersome noise. Also, this app features several other relaxing soundscapes such as, the ocean, chimes, and an oscillating fan. You can also create mixes, use it like an alarm clock, and put it on a timer.


White Noise Ambience Lite

This app is excellent especially if you need to drown out background noise. My favorite sound is the Tibetan Singing Bowl. Recommend!


SleepStream 2: Sleep. Relax. Escape. Enjoy.

Just stream yourself to sleep by making the perfect blend of sounds. Rain and pink noise, anyone? Or you can choose autoblend. Recommend.


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