Which Location App Will I Take?

Nov 2, 2011

As many of you know I’m going on a trip to Nicaragua. As part of that I’m cleaning out my phone, deleting things I don’t need or can’t use in a foreign country and keeping the essentials that I’ll need for the travel in the US and abroad. One thing that I’ll keep mainly for the time I need to spend in Florida is a location app. Obviously I won’t know where to find a drug store or a restaurant or a grocery or any other thing I may need but I also don’t want to have 5 apps to do this as I might at home. Since you’re probably not an app geek who has tons of location apps this list reviews what I’ve used and more importantly the one app winner that gets to stay on my phone for this trip. Wonder what it’ll be? Read on!


This was my very first location app and I loved it. It was lean and mean but found what I was looking for without a lot of bells and whistles. Unfortunately it didn’t make the cut. Read on to find out why.



I really like the interface of WHERE. Unlike AroundMe it’s pretty and while I don’t like clutter the interface is clean enough to be a bonus. Unfortunately unlike AroundMe this app lacks pharmacies, groceries, and other necessities. While I’d like to pretend that I’ll only need restaurants and bars while traveling in the brief period of time I’m in Florida I would rather have more information than less. I like that this has ratings but without the necessities it also doesn’t make the cut.


MapQuest: Free Navigation, GPS, Maps & Traffic

WINNER! Why does MapQuest win? Because like AroundMe it has necessities. It’s oddly missing pharmacies but has grocery stores which often will do but it also has post offices which seems pretty useful. More importantly though you can toggle on and off multiple categories meaning you can find that grocery store that’s close to a restaurant and a hotel, or decide where you want to eat based on the post office location. For those of us stuck on foot while traveling or simply not wanting to drive all over a city we’re not familiar with thus far MapQuest is my favorite location app. Add pharmacies MapQuest and you’ll have my love forever!

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