Where the heck is Berkina Faso? Apps for Learning Geography!

Jan 8, 2011

It’s embarrassing how little I know my geography! As part of my New Years Resolution, I am determined to know exactly what the capital of Benin is! Here are some apps to help you become a geography master!

World Geography Challenge

This app takes you continent by continent and makes you place the correct name over the right country in a timed setting. Great for studying both names as well as learning visually where everything is.


USA Maps

This app makes you place all the states correctly on the map. A true challenge if you don’t have the border lines in front of you as it is in the Hard level! Who knew Wisconsin was up that high? A bonus to this app is that it identifies what the capital is of each state then gives you the name. A great app for getting to really know this great country of ours!


Geomaster Plus

You choose your challenge by tapping on a continent and it flashes a name at you and you must correctly identify it on the chalkboard map drawn out. Well designed and will certainly help you learn your geography!


Learn World Geography

This is the most comprehensive geography challenge I have found in the app store. Not only can it test you on countries, but also capitals of each country. While extensive and a great resource, I wish that you could answer the questions directly, rather than telling the computer how well you knew the answer.


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