Where’s a…? iPhone Apps to Find All the Good Stuff Around You – Part I

Dec 29, 2011

Whether you are in your home city or travelling, it’s always good to be able to quickly locate the nearest cup of joe, cheapest gas, or taco truck to die for.


An essential app to find the best around you, I fire this up to find where the best special pork ramen is in a new city.


Urbanspoon – Restaurant & Food Reviews

I doublecheck Yelp’s restaurant pick on Urbanspoon and then I’m set for a delicious experience.


Google+ Local

Need the nearest post office, pharmacy, or ATM? Find them on Google Places, with local reviews.


Coffee Finder

When you’re jonesing for caffeine, you need it – now.



Find the best art galleries near you.


Museum Locator

Find the museums near you. Once you do, I recommend downloading the museum-specific app, as some of them are quite excellent.


HopStop Transit Directions for iPhone

Find the nearest subway station or bus stop. This is my killer travel app for when I get there and need to navigate like a local.


Dog Park Finder Plus

In an unfamiliar neighborhood and need a place for your dog to run free? Find dog parks with this app.


FastMall – Shopping Malls, Community & Interactive Maps

If you to need to know what’s around you in a mall, FastMall will help with mall maps. Shake your iPhone to find the nearest bathroom.


SitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder

When you really need to go.


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