What’s on my iPhone? Apps that make photoblogger’s life easier

Jul 3, 2017

Not that long ago many people actually claimed they would never ever buy an iPhone for themselves. A few years forward, and here they are – not only smartphone owners now, they constantly use their devices for both work and hobbies. It has become such a useful tool that they would never give up on it. Well, things change as we age, say some people.

Nope, it’s not at all about age or convenience, it’s about how bright and great the technology can actually be. iPhone or any other smart device would be rather useless without all the great apps we tend to collect on these little thingies. It’s probably possible to talk about this for hours, but, long story short, photobloggers lives would be zillion times harder without some of the apps they use daily. They help them organize their working day routine and tasks, but not only that, they also allow them to stay inspired and creative all day every day. And that’s something truly extraordinary.

So, let’s talk the apps. There is so many around lately that the good ones do need a shout out, so you won’t overlook them. Here is our list.


Let’s make one thing clear as we tend to forget about it sometimes these days. Blogging is not about social media, collecting followers, getting freebies or anything like that. Blogging is all about content. That said, we need to be “au currant” and know what the blogging world is up to. That’s why Feedly is the first app a blogger should download to organize blogs they follow and articles they read. With Feedly, you can easily organize all your publications, blogs, YouTube channels, and more in one place and consume and share more efficiently. All content in one place, isn’t this great. And it’s free! Download it to stay posted an inspired.


As a photoblogger you need a great mobile photo editor. The problem is there is so many of them available; one might get confused while choosing. We think Pixomatic really stands out and is worth a try. So, why is Pixomatic so cool? What does it do that others don’t? It is a powerful all-in-one layer photo editor. You can easily change the picture background, cut and paste complex objects, including custom made stickers. The application will automatically regulate level of blurring, depth and resolution. This set of features is perfect for quick editing game before posting your freshly captured moments to any social media channels. You will absolutely love the background blurring and exact set up of color and shades that let the user tune their picture to look like a masterpiece. In addition, with Pixomatic you can cut out, replace and remove certain elements of an image – these features are still rather rare when it comes to mobile photo editors. It will make your images incredibly catchy no matter what your photography skills are like. Isn’t this what you and your followers need?

How to Cut Out Any Image From the Photo: Tutorial

Learn how to cut out any image from a photo directly from your iPhone or iPad using Pixomatic photo editor. Please follow the steps of the tutorial for better results.

Filmmaker pro

Photos aren’t everything (although they are absolutely crucial for a photoblogger). Our followers really want videos these days. We truly appreciate the fact that we can just download a free film app instead of buying expensive gear. This is where the Filmmaker pro comes in. It’s available for iPhone in both free and paid version. What can you expect from it? It allows you to create and manage unlimited projects such as video clips, audio tracks, voiceovers and text overlays. Color coded timeline makes the interface incredibly user-friendly. Moreover, repositioning, choosing the aspect ratio and changing the background color have never been easier.

Filmmaker Pro – iOS Trailer

Filmmaker Pro https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/filmmaker-pro-video-editor/id1082956994?mt=8&at=11ldb3 Filmmaker Pro is a full featured video editing and recording app from the makers of the award winning app, ProCam 4. Create stunning videos by combining gorgeous illustrations, text, animations, transitions, filters, audio tracks, voice overs, and much more.

Metadata Pro

We seem to be all good when it comes to photo and video editors, but we might need one more app to take care about something very important we tend to forget about – metadata. It’s particularly crucial if we are avid users or all kinds of live stories and live streams many major social media platforms are offering lately. Metadata Pro is an easy to use yet powerful photo and video metadata reader and editor. It allows you to painlessly clear photo or video metadata, add, update, or remove photo or video location information, keywords as well as photo camera settings metadata such as Aperture, FocalLength, FNumber, and many, many more.

Video to Photo

So, most of us, photobloggers, take both images and videos now to keep our readers entertained and to be able to fully document our experiences and awesome adventures. Sometimes, though, we just dream of an app that combines the two. And hey, now it’s possible. Video to photo allows you to capture single frames from your videos and turn them into a classic image. It’s enough to just click the picture button while video playing or pause the video and adjust time at an exact point. The newly created images are available in your gallery. The app supports all file types.

These 5 apps probably saved many bloggers a lot of time and headache during their work on their respective sites, social media channels, and freelance content writing. We can say even more – they’ve made many users better photographers and better writers, and become the reason why we will never question the incredible value a wisely used iPhone can have in our daily life.

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