What Does Edward Snowden Use for Security?

Published by Kevin Chau in Tools
18 Jan 2018

One of the most well-known names in the cyber security space is Edward Snowden who is recognized as a hero to many. As a former NSA analyst, Snowden gave up a highly lucrative career in order to reveal the illegal activities of various government organizations. As a whistleblower who gave up a significant amount of his freedom to help prevent mass surveillance, he has now released an app which is derived from his past experiences as someone who is familiar with protecting personal information to help others who have their privacy threatened.

While there have been several articles that discuss software security which is designed to protect data on the phone, Haven: Keep Watch utilizes various sensors on the phone to protect personal spaces. By being able to turn the phone into a gadget that resembles a spy tool, the app detects any form of motion around the device and then records the sounds, images, and videos of the surrounding area. For example, if the app were activated on the phone and left in a room and then someone entered afterwards, Haven would detect vibrations, motion, changes in light or sound, and then activates the camera and microphone. With this, users are able to position their phone so that it captures the details of whatever caused the detection whether it is through video or audio recording.

As a way to convert the phone into a tool that closely monitors the activities of surrounding areas through different sensors, Haven is one of the best apps that can be used to enhance physical privacy. Created by a highly acclaimed professional in the field of surveillance and cyber security, Haven combines a variety of the most secure technologies together including Tor and Signal into a comprehensive package. Although the app is currently only available on the Google Play Store, it is expected that the iOS version will also be released in the near future as cyber security becomes increasingly relevant for mobile phone users.