Wesley’s Favorite Education Apps

Mar 1, 2010

I love writing and blended learning, and helping learners create with technology. These are my favorite apps for EDUCATION using the iPod Touch and iPhone. (intermediate / secondary level)


This is a great application for quickly posting geo-tagged images with audio. Ideal for field trips!



People learn to write better when they write more frequently, and often when they write for an interested audience! This WordPress app can be used on classroom team blogs by students as well as teachers, who have different access/publishing rights.


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

When you are learning it’s important to take notes. Evernote lets your notes “live” in the cloud, so you can access them on multiple platforms.



Learning can and should be documented with lots of images. Pano lets you create “stitched” panoramic photos using multiple shots.


Google app — Search made just for mobile

Google’s tools for writing and collaboration, like Google Docs, are ideal for students and teachers. This app provides mobile access to your Google-verse.



NASA has a lot of rocket scientists working for them. Generally we don’t get to hang out enough with these folks. This app can help.


Read It Later Free

Sometimes Internet access is not available, but you still want to read/access web content. Read It Later can help.



Create and share an electronic storybook. Helping learners become authors is a BIG deal. This app helps.


Google Earth

GE can be great to help students make geographic connections to different topics and concepts in the curriculum.


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