Weight Loss and Healthy Apps

Jun 19, 2010

There’s a ton of weight loss apps out there but obviously some are quite a bit better than others. Here are my favorites for maintaining weight and staying healthy.

FoodScanner – Calorie, Diet, and Weight Loss

Get sick of entering calorie information into an app? This app allows you to scan items using the UPC code and it comes up with the information for you.


Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

This isn’t my fav app but lots of people love it. Track your calories, track your weight, and lose it!


Diet & Food Tracker by SparkPeople

Sparkpeople. If you don’t know it you may want to. A great site that has helped a lot of people lose weight. Track your fitness, what you ate and stay connected to the website version on the go.


Healthy Recipes – By SparkRecipes

Healthy recipes by Sparkpeople with ratings so you know if they’re good… and MANY of them are really, really good!



If you need help remembering what you ate you might want this app. Take pictures of your food, mark it with time and meal and have it ready for your doctor to look at. You can do this with the camera already on your phone but if you want an app to help manage your food pics this is the app for you.


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