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Jun 14, 2010

Seattle has two major weekly papers, the Seattle Weekly and the Stranger. They both seem to be hopping on the app wagon and here’s what they have to offer thus far.

Seattle Cocktail Compass

This is the first Seattle app I found and while I did see it as useful it seems to be easily replaced by the better Happy Hour app which appears to have a much better (and thus more accurate) selection. Produced by the parent company of the Stranger this app sadly doesn’t beat the competitor when it comes to finding happy.


Happy Hours

I can’t say this app is actually specifically affiliated with the Seattle Weekly but there is a specific link on the site which makes it seem like it is indeed theirs. If so, kudos to you Seattle Weekly publishing company! Your app has my favorite places (which Cocktail Compass does not) and seems to be much more complete. Happy Hours FTW!


Savage Love

You read the Stranger for Dan Savage don’t you? It’s OK, we all do. It’s the best thing in there and now you don’t even need the paper, you can get it on your phone. Sure, it costs $1.99 but if you want more Dan and more weird stories of people’s sex lives (and who doesn’t want that?) then this app is for you. Dan is in the Stranger weekly so you can get your fill there, but if you need more (because you have a problem you should write Dan about) then this app is for you.


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