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Apr 3, 2012

I love the option of watching my favorite shows & films on the iPhone or iPad. A sample of some of the apps that really make it all possible


A no-brainer. With Netlfix Instant I have access to re-runs of some of my favorite TV Shows, like Arrested Development (which will debut its NEW episodes exclusively on Netflix). Just love that I can pick up exactly where I left off when watching on my laptop or TV.


Hulu – TV & Movies

You gotta be a Hulu+ subscriber, but it’s worth it. Access to so many great TV shows and episodes right after they air. So if you don’t have DVR or TiVO, you can catch new episodes of 30 Rock and Community the next day.



Three words. Game of Thrones. This fantasy series is the only reason I need to subscribe to HBO. Having this app means I can watch episodes whenever I please. Also, they have movies!



With the Redbox app, you can locate the nearest copy of that movie you’re dying to see. Very helpful whenever I hit up the Redbox nearest me and it doesn’t have what I’m looking for.



This one is more about TV than movies, but it’s a great resource for catching ABC shows like Happy Endings, Modern Family, or just for browsing the upcoming television schedules.


AMC Mobile for iPhone

No full episodes, but plenty of sneak peeks, behind the scenes content, and interviews! I’m a huge fan of AMC’s shows, particularly Breaking Bad, Mad Men & The Walking Dead. It’s totally free!

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