Wasting Time with Entertaining Apps

Apr 9, 2012

These apps are best used in waiting rooms, or in other situations where you have time to kill.

Akinator the Genie

Supposedly, Akinator can read your mind. He asks you questions and then guesses the character you are thinking about.


I Can Has Cheezburger The Official Mobile App

The Cheezburger Network extends past LOLCats. With this app you can check memes on a bunch of sites, including IHasAHotDog and ROFLRazzi.



Lets you age photos to see what you and your friends will look like when you’re elderly. You can send the video of your aging to buddies, too!



Audio Ad Libs. Record a bunch of words and listen to funny narratives.


Pocket God

An obvious choice, but Pocket God is probably the greatest time-waster app ever conceived. The new update, The Perfect Swarm, lets you feed the pygmies to a giant Locust.


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