Vocabulary Building Apps!

May 28, 2011

Wether you’re a student or an adult, it never hurts to improve and expand your vocab. If nothing else, you can sound like a total snob if the occasion ever arises! Use these apps to help you!

IntelliVocab for SAT

This vocab testing app is great because it quickly drills you on any words you answer incorrectly very quickly after the mistake. Soon the correct answer is drilled in memory. A really smartly designed drilling app!


Smart Vocab SAT

This app lets you study groups of words before delving into a drill session. You get tested on 10 words at a time and you have to give each word’s definition correctly 3 times (in random order) before moving on. A good testing app, but I was bummed to have it crash on my iphone4! Time for an upgrade?


SAT Vocab Challenge Vol. 2, by The Princeton Review

This app truly presents a challenge and will make sure you know your vocabulary every which way. Timed and scored similarly to standardized testing, I have to give this app props for recreating the terror said standardized tests give me! A great app!


Vocab Genius

This app feeds a certain type of learner that I feel would benefit tremendously from this style of drilling. Rather than testing you, this app makes you rate your knowledge of the flash cards it gives you and tests you based on this. Obviously, honesty is a big part of making this app work well for you. A good app for the select few who would fall in this type of learning category.


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