Viva Lomography!

Nov 12, 2010

Who doesn’t love funky over saturated colored square photos? These amazing apps turn bland camera shots into photos of a dreamworld? Tap into your inner hipster photographer with these apps!


Connect with other vintage and funky photo lovers with this photography social network. Within this app you can take any photo and apply several cool effects to them and then upload them to your profile. The images posted by users are beautiful. A fun app!



The images this app produces are amazing! I find this to be the most straightforward vintage photo creation app.



the UI is very clever with the back of the camera and you have the option, not only for lenses but also films. It’s a beautifully designed app, but switching between setting can be a bit confusing.


Adobe Photoshop Express

If you can’t find the perfect ready made lens from lomography apps, this app will help tweaking your photo to perfection. Reminds me very much of iphoto’s adjustment settings!


Tilt Shift Focus

This app takes a picture you’ve taken and makes it look like its a miniature world. Works best with large cityscape photos.


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