Visually Experience Music with Melody Composer Squared

Nov 21, 2016

Most people who enjoy music prefer to explore the hidden melody behind different songs with their own interpretations to see why it is so catchy or appealing.

The Melody Composer Squared app has specifically been designed for such individuals to let them know how music would look like if it were a visual diagram. As a result, people listening to music anywhere in the world are able to get the chance to look at music from a different perspective that combines visual effects rather than just audio senses. Breaking beyond just the audio barrier, Melody Composer Squared has the potential to make listening to music a visual experience and let people enjoy it in a unique way.

For individuals who are looking to get a different experience when listening to music, the app combines the visuals developed from the music with a simple user interface to match. Upon opening the app, users are directed to a main screen where basic options are available to play the music or additional instruments which can be accessed through in- app purchases based on their specific needs and requirements. To unlock the secret of exceptional melodies that some songs in the music industry have, users of Melody Composer Squared are able to visually see every note that is playing instead of just trying to understand why a certain section of a song is so catchy by ear.  With this, people are able to better explore the reason that some songs are so popular and why they have the most impact on people. In addition, Melody Composer Squared offers a variety of sample melodies which can be analyzed in detail to figure out their unique characteristics.

Creating a melody in Melody Composer Squared

The example of editing a melody. Create a shape and modify it to get the best result. A visualization algorithm helps to see a melody path through 4 musical measures at once.

While the app is somewhat technical with music notes and in-depth analysis on music structure, it can be initially challenging for those who are not musically inclined. To counter this, the app is ideally used by music students but offers a simple interface that can be explored to learn about music theory in detail for non-music students. To transition those who are not familiar with technical music, Melody Composer Squared is available to make learning about music theory more interesting and even encourages the students to come back from time to time and try out the additional features.

Although perfect for music students, the demographic reach is not restricted to those who are already familiar with music. Any person who is interested in the analysis of music can use this app without much barrier as the interface is designed for easy understanding. Furthermore, the songs are not restricted so that users can even analyze the melodies composed by some of the greatest musicians. The information extracted out of Melody Composer Squared can be used to serve a variety of purposes as well. For example, music students can use the information on their assignments whereas music lovers who are not experienced with music theory can utilize the app to understand their favorite songs and make their melodies better.

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