May 23, 2011

Make sure to give your loved ones and friends big hugs when they come home. Also, help them not to be shy if they need help. It is important that we take care of each and every man and woman who has served our country. Recommend these apps!

PTSD Support

I think there is something truly amazing happening in this app. Veterans across the country are reaching out and chatting about their daily lives and their PTSD issues. They tell jokes and give each other advice on anything from buying a house, to waking violently in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for now, I think most of the users are on the East Coast because I couldn’t find anybody near me in Los Angeles. There are also videos on topics such as controlling anger at home. Lastly, there is a news section that reads like a twitter feed. Very helpful and heart warming. Highly Recommend! Maybe these are the videos they should show students before going around and recruiting in High schools. Just my opinion.


PTSD Coach

This app includes an intro and description of PTSD as well an assessment test. You can also personalize the app by adding soothing images, songs and support contacts. Lastly, the feature I found to be most helpful was the section entitled, “What’s Wrong?” Are you feeling angry, sad/hopeless, reminded of the trauma or disconnected from people? Just tap one of the buttons, rate how you are feeling and it will give you a helpful activity. For example, if you are feeling disconnected from people and that feeling is about a three on a scale of 1-10, then the app suggests that Yoga may put you in a better mood. Similarly, if you can’t sleep and are about a 7 on the scale it starts a Progressive Relaxation Exercise. This app truly acts like a coach and is full of features. Highly Recommend! In fact, I would recommend this app to everyone I know including sufferers of PTSD. This app is an excellent example of what a “coaching” app should be and it sets a very high standard.

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For Veterans is an excellent concept for an app. Shop local and support other Veterans. Unfortunately, I don’t think they have enough locations yet to make the app worthwhile, but I can’t wait until they do.


Glass Half Full

This app is a tribute to the glass always being half full. Quote: “They say a person only needs three things in the world to be happy in this world, someone to love, something to do and something to be hopeful for.” This app is full of inspirational quotes and stories. You can also vote and comment on your favorites. Highly Recommend!


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