Very helpful Utility Apps

Feb 23, 2011

It’s silly to sift aimlessly through the thousands of Utility Apps, so this list includes some of my personal favorite and most helpful Apps

Battery Life Pro

This App is amazing and has been helping me charge my Itouch only as much as I need to ever since I downloaded it. It gives you an approximation of when it’ll be done charging as well as percentages


Dragon Search

For anyone who’s lazy this App is great because you don’t have to take the time to type in whatever you want to search, you simply say it


Speller – Free Spell Checker

Never again will I misspell a word with this App in hand


Alarm Clock App

This App is the greatest simply because i can use songs from my Ipod to wake me up, which is ten times better than some annoying beeping sound



this App is a life saver whenever I have to load some presentation or video for school, I can also access downloaded videos even if I’m offline


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