Veg Adventure

Feb 9, 2011

These are cool apps about vegan and vegetarian information. They are essential to anyone serious about their health, their lifestyle and the environment.

Vegan Guide to NYC 2011

I’m a New Yorker at heart and to have this app handy when I’m in the city for a great meal or snack is a must. I don’t have to question where the ingredients came from and I don’t have to justify my food choices! The app is from a book and the only one that is updated annually for the last 17 years. In NYC restaurants come and go, it’s nice to know what’s what.


Vegetarian Blog Reader

This is an app that pulls from vegetarian and vegan blogs on the web to give you the daily low down.



This is the app to have at the store when you go shopping. Your spending dollars are your voice, use those dollars wisely.


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