May 13, 2011

With a recent job change I’m having to reconsider my vacation plans for this year. While in some ways motorcycling through Mexico would be cheap (Mexico is cheap) getting there and back may well take more time than I’ll have. So these are the apps for a shorter vacation, things I’ll be looking at as I decide what I want to do with my three weeks off.

Fotopedia National Parks

This app alone is making me consider staying in the US and exploring here. Yosemite alone should pay this app for the great job it does of marketing the park. If I do stay in the states I will likely do my sightseeing based mostly on this app.


Fotopedia Heritage

Not to be outdone by National Parks this app is also inspiring. Sure, it has less in the US than the National Parks app but there’s still some great places not too far away that would be worth exploring.


Camp Where

Back in the day I didn’t consider anything camping unless you hiked in for at least a day. Coolers of food and driving up weren’t camping in my book. A broken back and less free time later and car camping tends to win out over backpacking trips mainly because I can go further with less planning. While I’ll be camping on my motorcycle this app will likely come in handy as I attempt to keep costs down. Even if I do leave the country, staying at camp spots on the way to wherever will be cheaper than paying for motels.



I’m hoping to do a bit of work from the road time on my travels should I continue the plan to head to Mexico. This app will help me find places where that’s actually possible with my verizon mifi.

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Watching my friend Chris on PBS/Nature’s Bears of the Last Frontier is making me consider Alaska. Riding up to AK is something many people from Seattle do, but it’s not a place I’ve gone as of yet. The beautiful riding and scenery is definitely calling me. That said, with this app and the great work of PBS Nature I may be inspired to go somewhere else with the next show!


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