Utility Apps October 2010

Sep 26, 2010

Make your iphone more useful with these apps!

Vault* Free – Hidden Photo & Video Safe for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

This app is a neat idea. Just set the alarm and put your phone down. If your phone moves or someone picks it up, the alarm sounds. I like this app, but it would be better if it ran in the background. Useful!


Camera Zoom FREE

Wow! Zoom that actually works! Zoom in and out and up and down! And it’s free! Highly recommend.


USB Disk Free – The File Manager

Turn your iphone into a USB drive with this much needed app. It’s very handy for reading PDF and Word documents and transferring image, audio, and video files.


Aha Radio

My favorite feature of this app is that it reads Facebook updates aloud, which is not only useful, it’s hilarious! It will also read you traffic and CNN news updates.


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