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Jun 27, 2011

This list is for those interested in Utility apps that are available in several languages, not just in English.

3do – The next generation of reminder apps

Useful and innovative features for reminders on an interface never seen before. The app is available in Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Korean and Portuguese (and its original language of course: English!)



TrackerTag is meant to keep the driver from driving unsafely because of fear of tickets. It’s available for users speaking not only English but Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch and Romanian


Emoji Free!

The app is available into 14 languages and it lets you add emoticons to your text messages, notes, and emails. You can express yourself in new and creative ways! Interface: English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic and Swedish.



Destination shows you where you are going, and will warn you when you are getting close. The interface is available in French, German and Spanish -Originally in English đŸ˜‰


Spy Calc – Hide pictures, videos, documents

This app that allows to hide your private pictures and videos behind a working calculator is available in OVER 30 languages!



With myMemoir you can use multiple journals, add photos and video, and save as ePub, PDF, or TXT. Use your creativity! Available in english, Spanish, French and Italian.


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