Jan 3, 2011

These are the apps that have persuaded me to spring for the paid/pro versions.

There aren’t many – I’m stingy – but the upgrade has been worth the price in every instance.

LastPass – Free Password Manager & Secure Vault with Private Notes & Passcode Generator

Technically, there is no free version of this app because it only works if you pay the $12 annual subscription fee. But you can use the Web-based version for free so I consider this an upgrade.


Solitaire Free for iPhone & iPad

This version has six games and the quality was excellent. It was an easy upgrade to the pro version and its 40 games.


Mouse About lite

I like to pretend that I upgraded this one for my niece, but that’s not the whole story. This game is one of the prettiest, most fun puzzlers I’ve ever tried.


Brain Toot (Free)

This one worked my brain for real, so I figured an upgrade was like buying food for my brain. A brain’s gotta eat, right?


RunKeeper Free

I tried other similar apps but this one had a Web site I could love, too. One of the best upgrades I’ve ever made.


Twittelator Free for Twitter

Read my review; this client is out-and-out amazing.


AppBox: Useful 14 Apps in One

The free version is extraordinary; the paid version is unbelievably rich.


Read It Later Free

I’ve been quite satisfied with the free version; I upgraded because I believe the developer deserves my payment. Best RSS reader I’ve tried.


Instant Heart Rate – Heart Rate Monitor Free & Gym Workout Plans

The free app is enough, really, but with the pro version costing just 99 cents, I’m taking it. I figure the developer’s going to raise the price eventually; the app is worth so much more.


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