Unblock Me is the perfect puzzle game

Aug 30, 2009

The iPhone really excels at puzzle games, which is only a problem when I look for a new game and face all the possibilities. I’ll save you some time: Download Unblock Me.

Unblock Me is a simple puzzle game. The goal is to move blocks of wood around a board so the red block has a clear path to move along the right side. It’s the kind of classic puzzle game you would find at your grandparents’ house and can’t put down.

My common complaint with most iPhone games is that they don’t have enough replay value. But with 2,400 game alternatives, Unblock Me quashes that complaint. Each of the four difficulty levels — from beginner to expert — has 600 game options.

These aren’t just cheap levels to stagger you with their number, either. Each one is a devious puzzle.

Unblock Me offers two game modes. Relax Mode lets you play the game for fun while Challenge tracks how many moves you make, letting you attempt to best your high score. It also rates your play from one to three stars on how well you solved the puzzle.

Unblock Me is one of those games that, if a friend recommended it to you, you’d say was too simple. But once you start to play, you find yourself craving the sound of wood blocks clicking into place.

The only downside to the game is the frustration as you move to the higher ranks. But, if you’re looking for a puzzle game, frustration is part of the experience.

Unblock Me, quite simply, does everything right.

Unblock Me Premium
Unblock Me Premium
Price: $0.99+
Unblock Me Premium
Unblock Me Premium
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