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Oct 21, 2011

Hi, I’m Jessica and I love using my iPhone for photography and other artistic mediums on the go. I decided to make this list to showcase the top creative apps I use on a daily basis.


At first I was using Camera+ as my main camera. While I LOVE Camera+, it just started getting really gimmicky, especially when they introduced Clarity. Snapseed brought back the aspect of having total control over your work and while still focusing heavily on the filters, you can change the brightness, contrast, and saturation. It’s like a better Photoshop Express in your hands.


Animation Desk™ for iPhone

I like the fact that you can draw a panel, then move to another one and see the first one barely underneath. I’ve always wanted something like that because I like the idea of making animated characters and adding voices and music to make a short video clip. The only thing I’ve done with it so far is make a turtle walk across the scene though, so still have lots of features to play with.


SketchBook Mobile

Autodesk makes some pretty good art software. I have this on my Tablet PC too. I love how varied it is, that you can draw, paint, smudge, and there’s really not a limitation on what you can do. You can even add text.


Wonderful Days – Diary with Style

You can note the weather, add whatever pictures, and top it off with a nice background, fonts, and frames. Not only that, but you can print it out with all that intact. Cool for not just keeping a diary, but just about everything else.


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Looptastic Producer

Anything that Sound Trends does is great. I’d also recommend studio.M and grüvtron. All three are amazing music production apps you can use to mix loops, import loops, and record whatever you’d like… All in high quality too!



Take your work from great to brilliant with a few taps of your fingers and 5 minutes of processing. iMovie on the iPhone is as sweet and simple as the Mac version.


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