Uber-Useful iPad apps for Bloggers

Dec 17, 2010

Whether you blog for work or blog for fun… once you take on the title of “blogger” there’s a shift in your brain. Something happens, and suddenly you never know where the creative bug might hit you. In a bus, on a train, or while you’re trying to go to sleep. Sometimes you just gotta blog no matter where you are! These iPad apps are uber-useful (hat tip to @mrhe25 on twitter for term “uber-useful”) for all bloggers.

Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

Evernote will be your late note taking app. A great place to store quotes, snipits of ideas, or a storage for unpolished posts that might not be ready for the eyes of the internets. With Evernote you can access your information on any number of places and the good news is they all sync. So edit from your iPhone on a bus, add more from your iPad before your meeting and edit it all when you get back to your computer. Organize by tags or notebooks, even search through your saved notes with quite ease.


Free Wi-Fi Finder

I have yet to meet a blogger that doesn’t work better with caffeine. With this app you can pick your coffee shop based on who has free wi-fi. A beautiful map feature shows you pin points of wi-fi in your vicinity based on your GPS.



Access your self hosted or wordpress.com blog via your mobile. I wouldn’t recommend writing an entire post (odd things happen) via this app but you can easily edit existing posts or copy/paste from our trusty friend Evernote to schedule a new post.


Tumbleroo for Tumblr

If your blogging platform of choice is tumblr Tumbleroo will easily let you reblog posts from others you are following or create new posts on tumblr. You can schedule posts for later or post immediately from the app.

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MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader

Most bloggers read other blogs. MobileRSS is the best google reader app I’ve found for bloggers – you can access all of your greader subscriptions share your favorites via twitter/facebook/email in addition to saving posts that inspire you to instapaper/evernote/readitlater.


Lijit Stats

If you have a blog and you don’t have lijit as your reader statistics you might want to remedy that about now. The Lijit platform is awesome and the iPad/iPhone app brings all your stats right to your mobile. Easily find out where your readers are and what they are searching for.


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