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May 20, 2010

Each person has their own style of tweeting as well as how they use twitter– because of this no twitter app is the perfect app for everyone. For the twitter apps that i have tested (the free ones esp) i will list out the ones that they offer that i think is a plus, as well as the ones that i think are missing from the app, in the hope that you find a good fit for you. If you have any suggestions or comments of other apps please post a comment. thanks!

TweetDeck for iPhone

pros: best for power users who read tweets by bulk and/or have multiple accounts to watch over. You can also connect to your Facebook account using this. allows syncing of groups with the desktop version. If you use the desktop version of tweetdeck, you are probably already using this on your iphone. ================================================
cons: 2 themes only (dark/light). No Landscape support except for posting tweets. for new twitter users and people who want a straightforward twitter app this can be difficult to use. there is also a limit of how many tweets you actually see in the timeline but i have not really checked the cutoff point for the timeline. No push support but could be used with boxcar to have push notifications.



pros: Good for both beginners and veteran twitter users, the UI supports gestures that are similar to the existing iPhone/iPod Touch gestures, like clicking on the top bar to move to the top, and swiping on a tweet to view options. With Auto-rotation settings. It also has this option while viewing a user profile you can check out @messages directed to them (i’ve never seen this feature on other apps and i like this feature) and tweets that they have marked as favorites . Also have a Translate feature and some services that you might care to try out like “Follow cost”
cons: it only supports auto-rotate but not a permanent landscape support, if you like tweeting while lying down it actually makes a whole lot of difference, though if you tweet on the go, this doesnt matter. No themes or wallpaper support, though it might be possible on a future version. No push support, though as with tweetdeck you can use this alongside boxcar

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TwitBird Premium

Pros: By default it auto-rotates, but you can lock it on portrait mode or landscape mode, using the popup symbol that you will see whenever you rotate. Offers push support for twitbird-twitbird tweets, with in-app purchase to push globally. 2 themes for the look of the tweets, and customizable wallpaper support.
================================================ Decent UI, but does not have gesture support. For example the bottom toolbar on the timeline is the “back to top” button which could have been removed if clicking on the top bar (as with iPhone default apps support) is provided.


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