TV Sitcom Trivia Apps

Nov 24, 2010

I’m getting more into TV lately than I have been in the last couple of years, and these (mostly NBC) TV sitcom apps are a great way to test your show knowledge and connect with your favorite characters in between episodes.

Friends Fan App

We all watched Friends in the 90’s, right? Well, yes and we’re all still watching it on reruns and DVD and quoting it backwards and forwards because that show became such an iconic part of American pop culture.

This app has all the trivia you need to prove to your friends you know your quotes, scenes, hookups, and fights.


Seinfeld Fan App

Browse summaries by season/episode and test your know-how with trivia games.


The Simpsons Trivia

Expand and prove your Simpsons knowledge with 5 trivia games included on this app.


Scene It? 30 Rock

SO. MANY. GAMES. I love this app because it’s so much like the Scene It? game for DVD. A variety of games, clips from funny scenes, and trivia about the characters.


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