TV shows turned into iPhone game apps

Nov 17, 2009

Everyone loves a good television game show. The suspense wrapped up in the possibility of one person winning or losing it all gives us an indescribable rush that can never be replicated.  It can, however, be transferred to the iPhone for a personal mobile experience.

Put yourself in the hot seat with these iPhone game apps that were inspired from their popular television counterparts.  From longstanding classics such as Wheel of Fortune to new hits like Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, television game shows are attracting new crowds with their mobile versions created for the iPhone.

For Nostalgia Sake

1 vs 100™ takes trivia to a new level, pitting you against a mob of 100 contestants answering the same question. This 99-cent iPhone game lets you select your level of difficulty as you choose to take the money, end the game or face the crowd. Each correct answer whittles away at the mob, giving you a greater chance to win the top prize.

It did not take long for Regis Philbin’s latest game show to hit the iPhone app store. Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition has endless passwords for you to decipher with your “celebrity” game partner. Multiple- and- single-player modes are available for this $4.99 word game

Round for round with these iPhone game apps

Another TV game first made popular by Philbin, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire for the iPhone is a lot like the original program. Answer increasingly difficult questions before time runs out to earn bigger cash rewards. A few iPhone-specific features allow you to retry turns or learn more about a correct answer in the $4.99 iPhone app game.

It all starts with the audition on American Idol, and that goes for the $1.99 iPhone version of the musical contest.  You even receive feedback from judges as you face various obstacles to prove that you’re superstar-worthy.  From audience reactions to how you portray your style, advancing through the season of American Idol can launch you into fame.

Fifth graders are pretty smart, but how do you compare? Find out with the charming Smarter Than A 5th Grader?™ 2009 iPhone app. Test your skill in various subjects from math to social studies. A relatively simple trivia game, the $4.99 iPhone app offers quick game play and the inevitable realization that you might not be smarter than a 5th grader.

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