TV/Movie Apps for iPad

Feb 3, 2011

These are essential apps when I travel, so I can catch up on latest episodes of favorite TV shows.

Ok, actually these apps are essential anyway because I don’t have cable and RELY on apps like this to get my fill of Glee, Modern Family, and 30 Rock.


Because I LOVE Netflix. I love my streaming account and love that I can get all of the TV and movies on the iPad that I can stream from the website.


Hulu – TV & Movies

Modern Family, 30 Rock, and Glee. I can’t miss those.



Because, let’s be honest – I *am* kind of interested in who Brad Womack falls in love with.


#justkidding #teamdeanna4ever


PBS Video

Get your learn on! I LOVE PBS specials (#nerd), and love that I can see programs, episodes, specials, and look at what’s in my area.


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