TV Game Shows that are now game apps

Feb 12, 2010

iPhone apps that are new-age versions of classic tv game shows

The Price Is Right™

Make your bid and work your way up to the Showcase round.


Wheel of Fortune

Spin the wheel, guess your letters and solve the puzzle to win the game.



The classic quiz game, made mobile for your trivia pleasure.


Deal or No Deal: Around the World

Risk it all in themed game settings with a jet-setter motif.


1 vs 100™

Who knows best, you or the crowd? Test your know-how and see how far you can tempt fate.


Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition

Play with your game partner to decipher the mystery word.


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Win bigger cash prizes with every correct answer.


American Idol: The Game

Set yourself to stardom with this game. Just make it past Simon Cowell and the judges.


Smarter Than A 5TH Grader?™ 2009

How smart are you? Find out with this cute trivia game.


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