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Mar 16, 2010

Seattle is a beautiful city, but all this water and all these hills and mountains can make getting around a bit of a challenge. With these apps on your iPhone you’re ready to tackle the streets, the water and even the mountains by bus, bike or car.

Seattle Freeways

This app gives you a lot for your money. Not only do you have access to the traffic cams (which sometimes tells you more than anything else) but you can also enter your personal routes and have it tell you about how long it will take, right now. It also gives you some pass information so if you’re travelling over the hills you will have some idea if you should put the top down and the sunscreen on or bundle up and get out the chains.



Let’s face it, if you can avoid driving in Seattle you’ll have a lot less stress. This app helps you keep track of your bus and keeps you from standing at a stop forever. Keep in mind that this will not keep the bus on time. Sadly there’s yet to be an app for that.


WSF Puget Sound Ferry Schedule

If you travel by water you’re going to want this app. Not only will it keep track of ferry schedules for you but it will also send you alerts if something happens to your ferry. It will also tell you what’s around the ferry landing so you can go grab a meal or shop should your ferry be ever so slow.


WA Pass Conditions

If you travel over the passes regularly you’re going to want an app that deals with pass conditions specifically. This app shows you the traffic cams, tells you about any road restrictions and gives you a weather report so you can decide if you want to leave now or later.

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Seattle Bike Maps

Unless you love hill climbs and riding in traffic you’re going to want this app for your bicycle travels. It shows you the easiest routes for bikes and tells you if you’ll be riding with traffic on the road, in a bike lane or on a car free trail. Perfect for people travelling by bike or just out for a casual ride.


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